no conflictWith 30 years experience in building conservation, restoration and repairs, Magee Conservation has developed an unparalleled wealth of knowledge and experience in all aspects of this demanding industry. This experience means that you can be confident we can properly assess the best approach to restoring your building to its original condition, without damaging the structure.

Brick and Stone Cleaning:

There are many systems for the sympathetic cleaning of both brick and stone.

Chemical cleaning: low pressure water jetting, hot wash system, acid washing or an alkaline wash. Even when cleaning with low pressure water jetting, irreparable damage can be caused due to over wetting the surface. This can lead to iron staining in certain stone and cause efflorescence to form on the surface of stone and brick. Efflorescence is manifest in a white powdery substance on the brick or stone surface.

Abrasive cleaning - using this system requires a thorough understanding and appreciation for the substrate being worked on. The most common of abrasive cleaning systems is that of the micro blast system. The micro blast system is a low pressure very fine mesh abrasive blast system which is very effective in the right hands, however in the wrong hands it also can cause irreparable damage.

Brick & Stone Pointing: Pointing of Brick and Stone work is necessary to prevent the ingress of moisture to the fabric of the structure.The pointing mix is generally of a traditional lime mortar in older buildings, the mortar must be weaker than the surrounding masonry be it brick or stone.The pointing acts like a sponge drawing moisture from the host masonry allowing the masonry to dry and therefore reduce the risk of frost damage.Frost damage can occur if the brick or stone is saturated. The moisture in the brick can expand if temperatures drop to freezing, which can in turn cause spalling or delamination of the brick or stone.The pointing is a sacrificial protection for the surrounding masonry, as it can itself be damaged by frost, especially if it is not applied correctly.

The most common s

tyles used in conservation and restoration work are those of  Flush and brush, used mainly on stonework and on brickwork which is of good quality and regular in shape and size.

Tuck pointing: Tuck pointing is more commonly seen on buildings from the Georgian  period. Where bricks were manufactured in this period, the size and shape were not as regular as later brick. To compensate for the irregularity in the brick shape and size, Tuck pointing was widely used.

At Magee Conservation we have highly skilled and experienced tradesmen to carry out this work to the highest standards. Contact us today for more information.

Roofing: For your home or business. Over the years Magee Conservation has built a strong reputation in roofing based on integrity, experience and industry knowledge. We are well known for our professional roof installation and repairs. Magee Conservation is a company that takes great care and pride in the work we do and go that extra mile to meet our customer requirements.

We have extensive experience in chimneys, commercial roofing, domestic roofing, industrial roofing, leadwork, lofts, re-roofs, roof conversions, roof leaks, roof repairs, roof tiling, storm damage and tile repairs.

Graffiti Removal: With the use of chemicals, poultices and hot pressure water Magee Conservation can effectively remove graffiti from virtually all surfaces, in most cases without leaving traces or residues. Our operatives are fully conversant with the latest industry techniques which in many cases allows graffiti removal without the requirement for harsh chemicals.

Lead Work: Lead work is an integral part in conservation and restoration of brick and stonework. Magee Conservation is experienced in carrying out high quality lead work. With the provision of a roofing service to complement our brick and stone restoration we employ skilled lead workers to cover both roof work and brick and stonework. In many instances the fitting of lead cappings, at parapet level, string courses and other such vulnerable locations on brick and stone structures, will prevent the ingress of moisture in to the fabric of the building, which can lead to serious and expensive.

Lime Rendering: Lime rendering is a highly specialised element in the trade of plastering, and requires experienced tradesmen familiar with all aspects of the application process. At Magee Conservation we have the experienced tradesmen who have devoted the time, effort and training into this element of their trade.

Helifix Approved Installers & Contractors

The versatility and extensive range of the Helifix structural repair system means that Magee Conservation can readily deal with commonly occurring structural problems in buildings. Our trained surveyors will decide on the best type of Helifix structural repair system to employ, depending on the application, function and loading. Options available to our surveyors include:

Helifix DryFix – Easily installed remedial wall tie. Requires no grouts, resins or mechanical expansion and can be done with minimal disturbance to the existing structure.

Helifix RetroTie – Remedial wall ties using a dry/resin fixing.

Helifix CemenTie – Remedial wall tie for use with thin wall leaves and in buildings over four storeys high.

Helifix CemTie – Grouted tie for stabilising and consolidation of solid masonry. Internal/external walls, arches, delaminated masonry and rubble filled walls.

Helifix BowTie – for providing Lateral Restraint to bowing walls.

Helifix Crack Stitching – efficient and reliable means of permanently stitching/repairing masonry cracks.

Helifix Helibar – helical stainless steel bars for masonry reinforcement, crack stitching, lintel repair/creation and masonry beaming.

Helifix SockFix – Mechanically grouted sock anchor for a variety of applications, including lateral restraint and crack stitching.

Magee Conservations skilled tradesmen are experts in the application of structural repair and reinforcement systems to a wide range of substrates and structures in both the domestic and commercial sectors.


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Magee Conservation employ only highly skilled tradespeople to carry out conservation, building repairs and restoration works. Many of our trades men have worked with us in excess of 20 years. This guarantees the quality of workmanship you will receive as a client of Magee Builders and Conservation.

Magee Conservation is fully committed to protecting the environment and strive to achieve both safe and an environmentally friendly removal. In regards to the longer term protection of a property we provide the application of sacrificial and non-sacrificial anti-graffiti coatings to all types of facades.

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With over 30 years experience we have a wealth of knowledge and experience in all aspects of conservation and restoration. This experience means you can be confident we can deliver the best solution to your requirements. Call us today on 01 456 8899 or contact Johnny Magee directly on 085 856 5614




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