Cleaning systems

There are many systems for the sympathetic cleaning of both brick and stone.

 - Chemical cleaning

 Chemical cleaning can be achieved by means of low pressure water jetting, hot wash system, acid washing or an alkaline wash.

Our operatives are fully conversant with all aspects of the cleaning process. Even when cleaning with low pressure water jetting, irreparable damage can be caused due to over wetting the surface. This can lead to iron staining in certain stone and cause efflorescence (a white powdery substance) forming on the surface of stone and brick.

- Abrasive cleaning

This area of cleaning is perhaps the most controversial, as it can quite easily and quickly lead to irreparable damage.Our operatives are trained to have a real understanding and appreciation for the substrate being worked on.

The most common of abrasive cleaning systems is the micro blast system, a low pressure very fine mesh abrasive blast system which is very effective in the right hands.
Where necessary cleaning is carried out by hand, using scraping or gentle chipping to remove heavy carbon deposits. Carborundum stone is also used for removing lighter deposits.


Magee Conservation employs only the most experienced and highly skilled tradesmen to carryout conservation and restoration works. Many of our tradesmen have worked with us in excess of 20 years at their trade. At Magee Conservation we have a policy of training all operatives to the highest standards and ensuring that any new employees are strictly observed and supervised until the standard required is achieved, the supervision of all works is carried out on a continuous basis to ensure that all works are completed to the highest standard. Supervision is carried out by experienced long serving personnel only, who liaise with clients or there representative to ensure that works run efficiently.  
Our highly experienced team of managers and skilled operatives have all gained their experience through intensive apprenticeships, on site work and attending training seminars for regular up-dates on best practice approach to cleaning and restoring of brick and stone.

This experience gives us competence in assessing the best approach to restoring your brick and stone to its original condition, without over cleaning.


Cost and specifications

After a site visit to understand your requirements, we provide you with our recommendations and draw up specifications for your approval.

On acceptance of a quotation, we recommend carrying out practical samples for your approval prior to commencing works.

There is no obligation to proceed with the works until the client is satisfied with a sample. At Magee Conservation we keep our quotations realistic and very keen.

Words from our clients

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