Magee Conservation Ltd has many years experience in sourcing salvaged and modern brick to match existing brick from the 1800’s and 1900’s.

Matching brick

Where an exact match is not available, we have bricklayers who are expert in dressing brick by cutting, rubbing and forming brick to match the surrounding brick.

 Repairing brick

In many cases brick work can be chipped, or the face spalled due to frost damage or incorrect firing at manufacture stage.

Where brick has only slight surface damage and it’s inherent strength has not been affected, a mortar repair can be applied. This entails cutting back the damaged section to a sound surface ,to a depth of 15-20 mm and applying a suitable repair mortar to match the existing brickwork.

The mortar repair should match not only in colour but in crushing strength, texture and absorption rate. Where a repair stands out due to lack of weathering, a tint can be applied that will blend the repair with the surrounding brick.

Brick replacement

Where brick has perished and spalled beyond repair, cracked or shattered, it must be replaced. Although the brick may have failed, it is still difficult to remove without causing damage to surrounding brick work. Great care is taken when removing such brickwork and should only be undertaken by qualified masons.

Magee Conservation’s masons specialise in conservation and restoration work in not only brick but also in stone. Our masons are very adept in the removal of such damaged elements and propping and supporting surrounding masonry while carrying out repair work.






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